Tuesday, 10 May 2011


It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks...but fairly easy to pop a brand new bedazzled collar on his neck.

A stupid statement, maybe, but TRUE. Teaching the dog a trick would require of the Dog to practice, obey and perform.  'tis the owner's hard-work of sourcing that beautiful and unique collar; online or trampling from pet shop to designer pet shop. Plonking the new collar on his neck is then as simple as a click and a pull.

Please note that in my next phrase of words I am by no means implying that my mum is in anyway being compared to the dog in my analogy, but...

At the age of 75, me mum cannot be taught new tricks!

A year ago my mom visited with me for a few weeks. Since she is a neat freak and I am most certainly NOT, it didn;t take her long to find a duster, scoop and broom.
Each day she carefully avoided my green rubber broom and reached past it for the OLD-School hairy garden broom.

Well. she's been back for numerous visits, and this particular week, I found her quietly sweeping the girls bedroom with "said green rubber broom" Again later the afternoon she was diligently sweeping my dining room's wooden floor. The broom slipped and hit the piano with a loud thump, but no dent! She smiled !

After a cup of tea, I smirked and asked her if she wants me to buy her such a broom, thinking She had surely been won over by it's "work ethic"
NOPE! she belts, it will Never work at my house!

"me mum has the same wooden flooring."

The point of my very long story....If my Mom was my target market, and I was trying to sell her something totally new and exciting, how would I market this product. And will it take me two years to convince my market that this kind of product CAN WORK??
Or should I not be worrying about the 50-80yr old market bracket.

Is it only the 16-25 that carelessly throw money around at untested exciting new products. Do the 25-40s think longer and harder before parting with their hard earned cash.

How do I convince my market that money spent on my product is Money well Spent.

By believing whole heartedly in My product I presume??

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