Monday, 23 May 2011

a cold stormy cape town

We are always hearing that birds fly south in the winter, but if you're a southern hemisphere dweller such as I, then you are bound to be confused by this statement. Especially when you've been seeing those exact birds flock up and head North.

Now with the speed of the wind in CT today,  I do hope all those flighty creatures have headed homeward and the rest of us two-legged walking creatures have dry-cleaned that tweed coat and are hopefully not sitting in a meeting today, reeking of Moth balls.

After my seven years in the desert during which I manage to grow my family from 3 to 5, I have either outgrown some of my trench coats or managed to lose them along the way. I mean why would anyone keep a coat when the nighttime temperature never drops below 21deg C 

Last year we were fortunate to experience the FIFA world cup in SA. I was blessed to see four matches of which 2 were in pouring rain and another in ICY ICY conditions. Needless to say I was badly under dressed.

The realization I am currently "trying to make" is that I have just couriered R3000 rands worth of summer clothing as well as a fan to the desert and know confidently that these items although hard to find are currently at the lowest price available ever....but my personal wardrobe which desperately needs a season update, will probably cost me an arm and a leg.

Do we still have time in our days to think ahead and buy our clothing out of season. Do the retailers make it possible to shop out of season?

I have never come across winter boots in a store in the middle of summer.
What if? just what if I was planning to go on ski trip...where would I buy my thermal underwear??

Keep warm y'all

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