Wednesday, 4 May 2011

how slow can you go?

Besides consuming large amounts of hot cross buns and an illegal amount of chocolates I have been trying to work.

It's incredible how long it takes to get your name out there. Feedback/stats/impressions is the only way to really know if you are making an impression on the readers out there. If you even have any readers out there.

I suspect that I might not, but since I don't have R5000 to spend on a social marketing course or maybe R650/month as a cover charge to a company of tweeters and bloggers to maintain my social pages for me...

Well I don't! I only have the few cents available to buy stock that hopefully will turn around back into cash so that i can buy some more and although I am already 36 years old I want to grow up to be a blogger and tweeter and hopefully successful business owner.

If you are reading my blog, do a girl a favour and tell me where you are, how you found this post and how terrible my writing really is.

Anyway on a brighter side, my Baken store is soon to make it's first sale!!!


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