Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Warming up

Although in the city it's cooling down and sales of coats, boots and tumble dryers are taking off. In the Namib it is still comfortably warm and averaging about 25 deg Celsius. You can comfortably wear a long sleeved top till about 10am and then again late in the afternoon.

Boots are must in the desert but only ankle boots as snake protectors, not long sexy black boots.
Mine stayed in a box for all the 7 years I lived there.

Why am I talking about boots when the first thing on my mind has been the price of children's toys. It is legal to pay so much for items that outlive their play cycle. I have boxes of toys built to last a good 20years, but my kids were done playing with them in less than 2.

Check out you don't think they are a bit OVER PRICED?

Anyway back to the boots, somebody please help me find 25 pairs of ankle boots at about R200-R300 per unit.

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